How Sean Murray Quit Drinking to Lose Weight

You need to lose weight before your wedding – learn how Sean Murray did it!!

Sean Murray is the actor who plays the nerdy, yet loveable, Agent McGee on the international hit show NCIS. Mr. Murray’s bumbling character has always been somewhat chubby, so many fans were shocked at the beginning of the show’s seventh season when Agent McGee displayed a newly svelte figure. Many fans wondered if he had become sick. Mr. Murray enlightened fans through his Twitter account that he has lost 25 pounds by abstaining from alcohol and almost all sugars for an entire year. This strict diet led him to begin losing between 1-2 pounds a week during that time.

The other foods in Sean Murray’s diet consisted almost totally of organic foods. This particular type of diet will not be suitable for all fans of Mr. Murray who would like to lose weight. First and foremost, before embarking upon this type of diet, it is imperative for one to consult their primary care physician to evaluate how it would affect their body. However, it is possible to improve one’s eating habits by cutting sugar laden soda and snacks out of their diet. Most sugars are categorized by the body as empty calories, and they are stored as fat. Reducing the amount of empty calories one consumes can aid in weight loss.

How to lose weightThe first step to cutting unhealthy sugars out of your diet is to realize the negative effects they have upon one’s body. In addition to the aforementioned empty calories, sugars disrupt normal brain functions. For example, mood swings and extreme energy highs and lows can be directly attributed to one’s sugar intake. The second step to cutting sugars out of the diet is to realize that you are directly responsible for the substances you place in your mouth. An individual’s need for some foods, like sodas, can be likened to an addiction, but unlike an addiction, sugars can be eliminated from a diet without the need for “rehab”.

Finally, to successfully remove unhealthy sugars from the diet, one should begin with small steps. Instead of eating a candy bar, opt for a healthier trail mix instead. If a woman requires a daily infusion of chocolate, then she can choose to eat a 100 calorie Snack Pack, instead of an entire candy bar. For most individuals, giving up soda and alcohol will be the most important aspect of removing sugars from one’s diet. Most people will not go to the extremes Mr. Sean Murray has, but they will be able to improve their overall health with a modified diet. Be diligent, you can lose weight by simply eliminating soda and alcohol from your diet. Do you need to lose weight are you tired of being tired. Start to lose weight today,  just like sean murray. You can drop the weight, check out how to lose weight.


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  1. July 4, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    I really love the character McGee. I’m addicted to NCIS and watch the reruns all the time plus the new ones now. But, I have to say that I preferred Sean the way he was. I think it just fit his character better that way. But, gotta love that he wanted to lose weight and did it. It is very hard to give up the sugars. But, I did it too and it works wonders! Thanks for the article on one of my hardest things to give up.

    Your article is very informative for NCIS fans and Sean Murray and helpful tips on how to lose weight by staying away from sugars. I did it!

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