Jill Scott’s Recent Weight Loss: A New Lease on Life

On the June 2011 issue of Ebony magazine, Jill Scott will be debuting her new figure after shedding nearly 50 pounds in the last two years. The Grammy winner credits, in part, her decision to lose weight and turn her life around to her young son, Jett, who was born in 2007. The singer has stated on more than one occasion that this is the thinnest she has been in more than twenty years, but at the current age of 39, she feels as though she has a new lease on life. In addition to altering her diet in a more healthy manner, she has also engaged the services of a personal trainer.

Weight loss Jill ScottShe also credits much of her success to her unnamed personal trainer, because she says he is quite inventive in coming up with workouts that do not actually feel as though she is working out. Some of their past “workouts” have included going on walks and throwing footballs in the local park. Because the majority of her weight was lost slowly over a period spanning twenty four months, most health experts agree that, if she maintains an active lifestyle, she will be able to keep the weight off permanently.

Those who wish to follow Jill Scott’s example and achieve a svelte figure must understand that it calls for a total lifestyle change. Once Jill’s son was born, she recognized her need to change to become a better mother for him. The desire to change must be genuine, as opposed to originating from superficial desires.  The first step is to set small, realistic goals for one’s self. Ms. Scott’s dramatic transformation happened over a span of two years. It will not happen overnight. The next step in the process is to find a regular exercise program that one will enjoy and stick with. Exercise comes in many forms and shapes, and it does not necessarily mean that one will be lashed to a gym for hours on end.

Jill Scott weight loss

The final step is arguably the hardest of them all, and it involves modifying one’s diet. With so many different diet aids and programs available on the market, it can be difficult for a person to know which one they should choose. It may take some amount of experimentation, but consulting a nutritionist or one’s primary care physician can provide an ideal starting point in determining the right diet. Jill Scott can truly be viewed as an example of how to lose weight correctly and safely. You can use Jill Scott as an example to start losing weight before your wedding or for a healthier lifestyle. Check out weight loss tips for more advice.

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